Break My Heart (2009)

[01] Break My Heart (Malboeuf)
John - acoustic guitar, bass, vocals
Tom - mandolin, backing vocals
Travis - tenor banjo, backing vocals
Daeya Malboeuf - backing vocals

[02] Chrysler LeBaron (Vande Berg)
Travis - vocals
John - bass
Tom - rhythm & lead guitars
Daeya - background vocals
Farha Ternikar - background vocals

[03] Never Again (Baron)
Tom - mandolin, vocals
Travis - acoustic guitar
John - bass
David Deacon - fiddle

[04] Honest Abe (Malboeuf)
John - acoustic guitar, vocals
Travis - bass, electric rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Tom - electric lead guitar, tambourine, backing vocals

[05] Ace of Spades (Kilmister/Clarke/Taylor)
Travis - acoustic guitar, electric rhythm & lead guitars, harmonica, vocals
Tom - mandolin, tambourine
John - bass, cowbell
Daeya - backing vocals

[06] Cherry Valley (Baron)
Tom - acoustic guitars, vocals
Travis - electric lead guitar, parlor guitar
John - bass

[07] Old Milwaukee (Vande Berg)
Travis - acoustic guitar, vocals
Tom - mandolin
John - bass

[08] Woodgrain (Vande Berg)
Travis - acoustic guitars, vocals
Tom - mandolin
John - bass
David - fiddle

[09] Talk To You (Baron)
Tom - acoustic guitar, vocals
John - bass, vocals
Travis - electric guitar, vocals

[10] Top Shelf Girl (Malboeuf)
John - acoustic guitar, vocals
Tom - electric lead guitar, vocals
Travis - bass, tambourine, vocals

[11] Self-Medication (Vande Berg)
Travis - acoustic rhythm guitar, vocals
Tom - acoustic lead guitar
John - bass

[12] Let's Walla Walla (Baron)
Tom - mandolin, ukulele, maracas, shaker basket, guiro, cabasa, gord
John - bass
Travis - tenor banjo

[13] Yukon Blues (Malboeuf)
John - acoustic guitar, vocals
Travis - bass, electric guitar, backing vocals
Tom - mandolin
Daeya - backing vocals
David - fiddle

Recorded between February and June 2009 at our homes. "Old Milwaukee" was recorded live at John & Daeya's house on May 21.
Recorded by Travis Vande Berg
Mixed by Travis Vande Berg
Produced by The Milkweeds

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