The Milkweeds - Meet The Milkweeds
Tom Baron

Tom Baron...
guitar, mandolin, vocals
Tom salutes those about to rock.  He also plays in the Syracuse band Jemba and the Cooperstown-based band Burbon & Branch.
Michael Ebner

Michael Ebner...
Michael wants you to want him.
Kurt Lohr

Kurt Lohr...
guitars, dobro, keyboards, vocals
Kurt sure plays a mean pinball.  In addition to playing in The Milkweeds, he also plays in the Syracuse/Rocbester based band Van Gogh's Other Left Ear.
John Malboeuf

John Malboeuf...
bass, guitar, vocals
John thinks you should put another dime in the jukebox, baby.  Like Kurt, he is also a member of Van Gogh's Other Left Ear.
Travis Vande Berg

Travis Vande Berg...
guitar, banjo, keyboard, vocals
Travis has legs and he knows how to use them.

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